Carnage Corner

Here you will find pictures of the many disastrous, comical, or otherwise out of the ordinary in what I call Carnage Corner.

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Honda Goldwing hidden damage

This was of a 2004 honda Goldwing. The customer bought it used and had no idea it had been in an accident.

He came in for a front tire change where I found the forks holding the tire moving front to back.

I immediately showed the customer the issue and upon further teardown, this was what was found.

Tire mishandling

This tire was strapped too tight and was damaged then a cardboard label was placed on it concealing the damage until it was time to mount the tire.

Carburetor chaos

This was off of a 1987 DT 200.

This is what happens when you don’t drain your carburetor during storage.

To find out what else can happen if you don’t drain your carburetor click here

After a good cleaning and some parts replacement, this carburetor to my surprise did work again.